Monday, 18 February 2013

My Explanation

So I thought i owed you all an explanation as to where i have been.. 

I keep getting little email notifications of comments left on here, so i still get them and i still read them. 

The Man and i are still living on Cloud nine, But with my decision to finally tell my secret came a price. 

That price was that i cant keep doing what i was without having a ball and chain ear ache. 
It was alot easier than i thought with having him LOVE every single thing about me. 

He may not constantly say he loves me or that he thinks im amazing bla bla, but as soon as he goes out with the guys or i go out etc thats when i need it most and thats when i get it without asking 'Do you Love me?' 

Hes perfect for me. and so in return i want to be perfect for him. 
No i dont stuff my face with chocolate.
Not i dont eat Mcdonalds everyday
I still eat small portions, 
I still try to skip on meals but i eat enough to maintain. 

Unfortunatly i have a Ganglion Cyst in my foot so im not allowed to do exercise or run about etc so i had to momentarily hold on the gym. 
Trust me i hate it. 

So my weight varies day to day as im loosing the muscle and its turning into the fat. So my weight may still be 130lbs but in my mind im looking bigger. 

I hope that you are all doing well. 

I still have my ultimate goal of 125lbs and i will get there. 

ONLY 5lbs away 

i went from a high bmi to on the verge of unhealthy/healthy. 
18.5bmi and my god it feels good. 

I just dont look unhealthy. 

I WANT people to see me and think OMG she must have so much self control. 
Not 'oh you cant tell she eats mcdonalds!'

Ill try and post every so often. 
I just feel like im doing something really naughty now by continuing to write. 

Missing you girls 

Love C


  1. I've been so worried about where'd you'd gone .. I really hope you write more often !
    I'm happy that he makes you so glad. You deserve it !
    Missing you ..

  2. I feel so bad I haven't emailed you in so long. I've had a lot of shit going on :( But I'm going to get on it again today, I really miss you. And 130 lbs! Gosh, I'm jealous :) xo

  3. Hi! I am glad to hear things are going so well for you. Minus your foot. I knew that man loved you and I am glad. You are beautiful and he loves you for who you are.

    Not sure if you will continue to post but I appreciate the update ^_^

    I will see you around I guess lol.

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