Wednesday, 13 March 2013


Im Sad 
Im Unhappy
Im Scared

All i want to do is go to my mummy and cry in her Arms. 

Nothing is working out for me. 

My boyfriend is struggling with me because hes stressing over money

I have none. 

He has none because he is having to pay for everything

I need help
I want to treat him
I need to treat hiim

Show him that he is appreciated
But how can you do this with no money

All this stress is killing me - Making me starve myself

All this stress is killing him

Putting a very big toll on the relationship
I want us to be back to perfect
When he is happy im happy

But how can we be happy?
Unless i come into a VERY big lump of money! 

- A very depressed C


1 comment:

  1. I completely understand the "no money" bit... I make things. Cards and such :) they are small, but mean a lot. Like leaving "love notes" in places he'll find them! In the bathroom on his sink or on the toilet lid. Use sticky notes that you can post on anything :) they are nice surprises.

    and try cutting out needless expenses. go out less, drink less, smoke less. that can cut some costs.

    I'm cheering you on!