Monday, 17 September 2012

Keeping My Promise

So im keeping my promise that i would upload a picture.

I know im not usally one to blur out my face etc but its got W in it and so thought it best! 

The image is awfull and you cant really see the outfit soo tonight im going to get myself into it and take a picture of it on my camera and upload it for you. So you will either get it this afternoon or early morning :) 

my weight is slowly going up and i need it to go down. 

My card has declined from being sooo far into my overdraft (i dont have an overdraft or limit) that they have actually said enough! 


So cant afford food petrol anything sooooo my weight should platuea for a day or two getting used to being back into starvation mode and then it will start to go down again. 

Im getting back into the gym now. I WILL go tonight. Got my friend whos going to join me so thats a bit of extra motivation! 
Im now working 3 jobs as of the 1st october to try and pay for stuff. These other two are two days each both cash in hand so it will give me about 100 a week cash. 
But that will mean my october month is fine but then my hours go down at my main job so ill be working that 3 days -_- 
So ill have to get the babysitting an extra day. Make my wage go up a bit more as im soo busy and im in demand from the children. (What can i say kids love me....Shame i really cant stand these two kids)
And fingers crossed the nightclub gets a third night also that i can work on tills with or something. That would be reallly good. 
My addiction to energy drinks isnt going anywhere soon. 
I have to have atleast 1 can of energy drink to feel fine in the mornign otherwise i will be rocking what feels like a hangover untill i have one. 2 days of thinking i had a hangover untill i crached open a can of SF Monster. 3 sips in, headache had gone. I no longer felt like i was going to crash or be sickl. I instantly felt £1000000 pounds.
Now to get that much money! 
Will try and post pictures later. 
Love to you alll <3

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the upload C. I can tell he is for sure a cutie even with the blur. No wonder this girls are all over him. Still they should show some respect.

    You look great! Your weight gain was in the right places. Sorry but eyes went in to that waist, thighs and butt @_@ I can see why W is saying you look great. You look yummy in that catsuit.

    I hate over drafting. I have not done that in a while but one time I did and it threw everything off and I had to have my hubby pay my half of the rent. Yeah it sucked balls. Had to end up paying a late fee since my check bounced.

    As I said before just give yourself time to get back on track. It sounds like you are putting a plan together now that you know how things are going to be.

    I am wishing you total luck on bring in some extra cash.

    Energy drinks can make people feel just as good as coffee. Coffee is my 1st choice and diet soda being 2nd >.<