Friday, 28 September 2012


So i havent wanted to post due to the weight... 

Im up to 135lbs

Mcdonalds at 3am last night. But im not going to eat poorly any more im actually fed up of all the mcdonalds and fast food. 

Ill make a mini pack dinner? for Tills on saturday so when 2/3am rolls around ill have a nibble on a healthy sandwich rather than chips and nuggets. 

Need to get on drinking lots more water, Only drinking energy drinks is going to dooooo sooooo much damage. 

im eating more than i used to at work aswell

i use to be able to not be hungry off an apple ... JUST ONE APPLE> 

Now i need alot more than that. 
Need to train my body to live off no food;. 

I was reading one of your blogs 
(im hungover and brain isnt working so cant rememeber)
And it was how tehre 133 wanting to get to 126 but it being 'too' skinny. 
Well i want to get to 126 and that will put my bmi to 17.8

9lbs difference ... Not really much. 

And im bouncing from 135 to 133lbs. 
133lb when i dont junk out.....

so really i dont know what difference im going to see from now and 126lbs :/ i still have big things in images, big arms big everything 
I want to be one of those skinny skinny girls

I want people to go yeah shes skinny. 

My friend accidently bought a ton of the same underwear and so shes giving me 2 pairs. There a s/p which is a size 8 and i felt like she was thinking 'your sooo not going to fit into these'

Because i dont look like id fit into a sixe 8 atallll~!! !! 

I want to be skiiny, i dont want a bloated belly, i dont want these huge thighs i want tiny arms with no bingo wings, i dont want that back fat i dont want that double chin. 
I want to be skin and bones

Is that too much to ask for?

Love C 


  1. oh Mac Ds how much i love u/hate u :) ..even i used to gorge on mac donald's food, the real reason of my wait gain,few months back!..but now m not letting it get an upper was hard at first..but nw atleast m having some of my control back..good luck..stay strong..we will be skinny :!

  2. OMG that picture made me laugh so hard!

    I always feel like there's a BIG difference in how I look between 129 and 139... until I'm 129, and then I'm like, "Aaaah... but the fat's still there! Why won't the saddlebags go away!? My thighs just look BIGGER because my calves are smaller!"
    But looking back at the pictures now, 10lbs heavier, I think, "God, I loved being that skinny, why did I ever let myself gain the weight back?" :P

  3. Hi :) I know what u mean . I want to be skinny, I want to be pretty. and we will be :)
    I am from Poland and I read your blog for some time. I will visit.
    I know you can't understand my posts but I'm leaving the link anyway :)

  4. Hey there, I haven't been on in forever. Glad to see you are doing somewhat okay.

    Now on to your post. Your body may like you being at this weight. Of course we have these doctor charts telling us what we should weight by our height. The body has a different story in mind. I think I saw it on dateline or something. They said if you get stuck at a certain number despite everything you are doing.

    Yeah I don't want to hear that crap. You just need to retrain your body. I am in the process of doing the same thing myself and let me tell you it is not easy. This time it seems to be harder for me. Wonder why??

    Anyways I hope you feel better and are able to get everything under control again.

    ps I am not sure if it was US size 8 undies you were talking about but yeah. US size 8 use to be my size. So glad to say that because they are pretty big. For women with hips of 43-45 inches I believe.

    Take care.

  5. Hey! How did you get that photo of me? D=